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Remembering The City Of Bellaire


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my parents moved into new house across from Feld Park in 1947....Gordan Elementary was still a rice field...when it opened

u had to walk along a board walk to keep dry after a rain. Mom could look out kitchen window..toward Bellaire Blvd and see the

buses...for us boys, riding bikes to Teas Nursery was an adventure...like going out to the country. This was baby boom time so on our 

one block street there must have been at least 75 kids....easy to get up several baseball or football teams to play at Feld Park or to

organize "gangs" for building Christmas tree forts.....lots of good memories of old Bellaire.....lucky enough to raise a couple of kids

later on in what was "The City of Homes"............


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The newest cars in the top one are '47 or '48 (kinda hard to tell on either of them) - a Dodge or DeSoto at the front left, and a Buick Sedanette on the right.  The bottom picture is likely from late '57 or very early '58 - there are a couple '57 Chevies and a '57 Ford, and the monster with the strange black roof profile is a '58 Lincoln. 

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1 hour ago, kajunteddy said:

Looking for someone to refresh my memory. Im trying to remember a cafeteria that was in the Bellaire Shopping Center on Bellaire Blvd. It was a family name, not Luby's Wyatt's or Piccadilly..........I want to say it started with an 'S'....or possibly an 'A'....


Allbritton's. They were a local, family-owned cafeteria that had several locations in Houston, including the one you remember at 3835 Bellaire Blvd. The last remaining one was on Waugh and closed in 1996. 


More info from a Chron article at the top of this page:



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