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I Want To Help The City Of New Orleans

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The city of New Orleans thrives because of the tourist industry. I just wanted to know if you too long to go back as soon as possible. I would like to go back so that I may enjoy the fun and celebration. Aside from the donations being given for the evacuees and the regions communities what New Orleans will need even more is our tourist dollars. I would like to know what you plan to do for the city of New Orleans after it is rebuilt.

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As soon as some hotel rooms free up in the downtown area, i'll go in an visit. They only thing now I can do is a day trip to the quarter when I visit my parents. The most I'll do then is just sit in some of the old watering holes to dring and have good conversation.

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I was planning to visit for Mardi Gras like I have for the past two years. I'm sure it won't be as big but I'm sure it will be there. I suspect that a large part of the cleanup will be done.

I'm deeply concerned that the place will be rid of all the poor. They made that city unique and made the French Quarter thrive. Even if the poor don't visit the Quarter they're the cultural power house for the area. I'm afraid the Quarter will become another soulless Disneyland.

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