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Spam Until Page 7 - Yikes!


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I'll never understand the goal of the incomprehensible gibberish that comes out of these bots.  Makes me worry about what folks pull off when there is an incentive stronger than spamming a few dozen folks on a locally focused architecture forum.


Good luck admins.

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Think someone in Korea was just a little too excited to show us their new project. That's it guys.

Edit: And they're definitely a HAIFer cause they knew to target Going Up! .... I for damn sure wouldn't have noticed if this campaign was posted in "Meanwhile, in the Rest of the World..." :lol:



For anyone wondering, most of the latest project news starts on page 14 now.

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9 hours ago, H-Town Man said:

Meanwhile Wayne is sipping daiquiris on a beach in Dubai. Any way we can buzz him?



Not so much sipping daquiris as lumbering across the desert in a smelly Greyhound bus with no internet access.  


It looks like the mods managed to get it under control without me, but I'll take a look and see if there's any hidden damage.

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17 minutes ago, kbates2 said:

About 1/4 of the current posts are about Houston development or architecture.  May not be hot spam but the board is getting pretty spammy.


I've noticed that too - there are a lot more non-architecture related posts lately

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Hey team we do have some activity changes, and have been reaching out to increase participation, but it needs to be appropriate and we want your feedback.  We do need your help.  Please report the post if you feel it is in error or off topic. (including the current ones,, you mention above) 


We are also  low on and looking for both neighborhood and community wide moderators.  If interested just let me know and i will put you on the list for consideration.  


if anyone has experience with the IPS Community Suite 4.x please also let us know - publicly or email link to contact us form found at the bottom of each page.  

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  • The title was changed to Spam Until Page 7 - Yikes!

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