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A French Disney Land?

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He may have called Houston ugly, but it was to make a big point...that despite the stereotype of being ugly and mundane, Houston has become a force, an efficient engine of commerce and life, by doing the unglamorous things, like building infrastructure.

In the end, more education about Houston, and frankly, better publicity than the Super Bowl.

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I dont think he simply said "...Houston's ugly...."

Lets face it Houston doesnt have the charm of places like Charleston, S.C. or New Orleans - we have nice parts of town - but they lack the character that defines a truely unique city such as the above mentioned.

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I think this disaster will be a blessing in some ways for NO, apart from the immediate human horrors. What survived is a lot of the "good stuff" that is above sea level for the most part and that will remain for the tourism. With the huge amounts of money that will flow along with positive energy, there's a great opportunity to create and carry out a master plan. Hopefully there are able people in power with the vision to make it a reality and not waste this chance.

And yeah, we get insulted again but we're sneaking up on some of the "charming" cities but as said, we put the basics first but with success, we now find we're able to spruce the place up a bit.

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