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Wasn't Astroworld Supposed To Be Open For Victims?

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Given the traffic congestion around Reliant Park yesterday, it's probably for the best that Six Flags closed the park for the weekend. Yes it would have been something for people at the Astrodome to do but unless Six Flags was willing to offer free or greatly discounted admission to people here as a result of Katrina, it probably wouldn't have mattered. I doubt most of the people staying in Reliant Park have the funds to pay for admission to an amusement park right now.

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I think the original plan was to give evacuees free admission this past weekend. But really, if you had just come out of the conditions these people were experiencing, would you want to go ride the roller coasters?

I'm sure the main things these people wanted were a shower, a hot meal, a dry, clean place to sleep, and to find the rest of their family. Sweating in the hot sun, lining up for rides, and spending $$ for cokes & lunch were probably not high on any evacuee's priority list.

It was a nice thought though!

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