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Getting A Little Scary In Nola

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A National Guard spokesman appeared on CNN and stated that the report was of a single gunshot. He also stated that a Chinook helicopter is very large and extremely loud, so there is absolutely no way to confirm the report of a gunshot. He further stated that the evacuation of the Superdome has NOT been halted. He was emphatic on that point.

So, who knows if it happened. We certainly know there is gunfire in other parts of NOLA. There is no diminishing of the level of desparation there.

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Yes the press is very quick to "jump the gun"

"...looks like New Orleans dodged the bullit, again..."

"...New Orleans faired far better than expected...again..."

just a few words used Monday prior to the levees/canal walls failing.

I though it was all ture too. Then it started getting worst by the hour. Some people where saying that it would take a few days, and some months. I did not know who to believe until I really saw how bad it was.

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