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Business's Helping A "neighborly" Hand

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So far have seen:

Luby's 10% off meals with LA Valid license

Astro's half off with any out of town license (MS, LA, AL)

ASPCA taking in Louisana's animals (I really want to adopt a kitten and name it "Beaux")

Personal: (Nonbusiness)

Families taking in people who suffered through Katrina into their own homes

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I thought of what I consider a good idea for individuals and businesses to share in the cost of relief supplies. People could go into participating stores and purchase agreed upon items, then the people could take the items as well as the receipt to the shelters.

The shelters, in turn, would have an official stamp or other method to mark the receipt. The person would return to the store with the receipt and receive a rebate. The people would be paying for the items, but would end up paying a discounted price.

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Here's some "businesses" lending a much needed helping hand.  It seems US Customs is donating a lot of the "knockoff" clothing that they have seized from counterfeiters to the evacuees to wear.  :lol:


They're giving away counterfeit dog food? Who counterfeits dog food? What kind of crazy world is this? I must be in Crazy World!

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One day coming home from school i passed by the fire station in that chronicle article and saw a bunch of police cars there, wondering what had happened. Then later I learned that they were holding refugee's there and people were dropping off supplies there. Also my school donated some stuff to the fire station.

It is crazy that all of those people are part of one family.

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