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New Park/Green Space at 424 Westheimer

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3 hours ago, trymahjong said:

Talked with someone also walking by park who seems to think there will be no porch type swings. The idea didn’t pass approval at the state level. Pity, I thought the idea of sitting on a porch swing under the shade of a crepe myrtle tree, watching Montrose life going by on Westheimer; would be  what anyone could hope for during moments of reveries.................sigh.


What state agency has jurisdiction over park design/construction? And why would a porch-style swing not pass approval?

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On 12/7/2020 at 1:07 PM, Houston19514 said:


What state agency has jurisdiction over park design/construction? And why would a porch-style swing not pass approval?


Unsure about the agency, but maybe no swing because of liability reasons (breaks and someone is hurt, for example)? I would imagine swings requires upkeep, which requires some amount of vigilance to make sure someone checks on it every once in a while. That might not happen to the degree that would make some lawyer happy so she/he said "Do you really wanted X amount of potential liability for a park you're only spending X on?"



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Perhaps it's the design ("porch style swing") that's causing concern.
Midtown Park has single-occupant swings, but they allow the rider to easily hold on to the chains with both hands.
A porch style swing, if I'm picturing it correctly, is more like a suspended bench. Perhaps it's the lack of a place to grab on that's considered to be hazardous? 
Seems like nonsense to me, but in today's litigious society...

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I think I was skeptical about the concept of “porch” type swings when it was mentioned at one of those community input meeting. There is quite a bit of mean spirited mischief in and around Avondale lately.


At that same meeting I seem to remember “ big planters for flowers” was totally taken off table because of 1) lack of water and 2) unreliable uhmmmm don’t know what words were used but basically COH didn’t think anyone would take care of flowers

Now after viewing. Irrigation for grass, I’m wondering irrigation tubes  couldn’t have been hooked up to a big planter or two.....? And I wasn’t the only person at that meeting that volunteered to look after any flowering plants. 

The park is great but I feel COH is a bit short sighted in what was planted and missed an opportunity.

Planting small  Texas native - butterfly/ bee friendly - flowers wouldn’t have required much more that rain water. At the time I was ignorant of that of that possibility.But after setting up my own Texas Native plants butterfly garden.......I’m wondering what’s  the penalty for guerrilla  butterfly gardening in public parks?🤔

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I am glad the Cedar trees were kept in the ROW but wonder about the amount of Shade the Crepe myrtle will generate fore the park benches? There are 70 year old Crepe myrtle within Avondale........none of them seem to warrant the label “Shade tree”😄

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