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Talk about major shake-up! KHOU-TV's newly-minted news director Sally Ramirez is following through on shaking things up!


Here's the latest changes which is likely to happen:

Weekday Mornings: Russ Lewis & Lisa Hernandez-Blank (moved from evening anchoring)


4:00pm: Rekha Muddaraj (moved from weekend evening anchoring)


10:00pm: Len Cannon & Mia Gradney (moved from & possibly still working evening newscasts)


Weekend Mornings & Nights:

Ron Trevino (moved from weekday morning anchoring)


Sherry Williams (moved from weekend morning anchoring to weekday morning reporting full-time)

*Unknown what's going to happen with Lily Jang at the moment.


*Also assuming Greg Hurst will continue doing the evening shows.




How do y'all like the changes going on at KHOU-TV ?

A.) Love it


B.) Hate it


C.) Too soon to tell


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On Friday, July 1, 2016 at 4:36 AM, stan said:

TEGNA strikes again.

Len & Rekha started doing the 4:00pm newscasts yesterday & I enjoyed it.


Didn't bother watching the mornings though. On the evenings, I'm not sure why everyone's criticizing Mia Gradney.

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Update my comment.
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