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COH Free outdoor insect killer given away to fight zika virus

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From COH enewsletter


Free Outdoor Insect Killer Being Given Away to Fight Zika in Houston
Ortho (R) Bug B Gon (R) Can Help Control Mosquitoes/Insects on your Lawn

Ortho(R) has donated 10 pallets of Ortho(R) Bug B Gon(R) to help the
City of Houston with its Zika abatement program.  The donation is
roughly equal to 3600 bottles of product.  Bug B Gon(R) is an outdoor
insect killer for use on lawns and gardens.  It is not an insect
repellant for use on individuals.

The Bug B Gon(R) will be available to residents for free at the Kingwood
Community Center and all Houston Health Department Multi-Service Centers
during regular operating hours.  A list of the multi-service centers is
available here: http://www.houstontx.gov/health/MSC/index.html. The
product will be given away on a first-come, first-served basis.

Since February, the City of Houston Solid Waste Department has been
conducting weekend sweeps of illegal dump sites to reduce mosquito
breeding sites and combat the spread of Zika.  They have hauled away
3,000 tons of debris and 19,000 tires.  Mayor Turner is hoping for
funding from the state of Texas to help cover the increased costs the
City is incurring.

Residents need to do their part, too.  Follow the three Ds of mosquito
defense: drain, dress, DEET!  Drain standing water on your property and
keep hedges trimmed.  Dress in long pants and long sleeves, keep windows
and screens repaired and use air conditioning.  When outside, spray
exposed skin with mosquito repellant containing DEET, reapply as
necessary and use netting to protect babies in strollers or car seats.

More information about Zika is available at


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