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Parking Garage To Be Built Next To The Le Meridian

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Caught them flying up the precast pieces. First 2 pics are the side pieces   These 2 pics are the floor.

Clearly topped out, as the roof is now on the elevator shaft.  Today is the first time I have seen them doing any serious work during the daytime; until now work didn't start until 5pm.  

Finally a rendering:

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Asked the guys working this if they will close the street when the crane runs out of room, they said yes. Also sounded like they were having a problem with the crane, it needed some mechanical work and they weren't going to be able to unload the beams on a truck.



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No, you see, this is an artistic statement. By putting this featureless concrete parking garage in direct opposition to one of the most attractive historic buildings in the city, they're showing the futility of nostalgia while also commenting on the regimented consistency of contemporary existence. 

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(Please forgive me if this has been discussed elsewhere)
How feasible is it to soften the impact of these parking garages by integrating vertical landscaping into the design?
IAPW hardy, easily maintained greenery would disguise the structure, and have a cooling effect, both real and perceived.
We can rule out the more invasive ivies. Tomatoes would be attractive, but they're seasonal and might drop rotting fruit on unsuspecting passersby. Anything that produces pollen or has a scent would be greeted with howls of protest by allergy sufferers, which means everyone in Houston.
I like moss, but some people think it's creepy. 
Does anyone have info on how this can be realistically achieved?

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Dbigtex56, I agree with that idea 100%. I suggested something along those lines for the garage the was recently finished just north of the historic district that is a fairly ugly concrete box.

There are many examples of living walls on the internet but not sure if it something that most garage operators would probably want to keep up with as far as watering and maintaining them. They can be really beautiful and completely change the harshness of a steel and concrete facade.

Heres a link to images of walls. https://www.bing.com/images/search?q=living+plnt+walls&FORM=HDRSC2

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There's nothing wrong with making money, but when it's the only thing and the community isn't taken into consideration, it's a real shame. This is a sad project.

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The garage is now complete.  I believe the monthly contract rate is $187+tax.  From a promotional email:



  • Garage is open to the public starting October 2018
  • Garage is used for both visitor and monthly parking
  • All garage functions are managed from the 803 Fannin garage office located on the ground level of the garage
    • Office hours from 8am to 5pm M-F
    • Onsite Security 24/7
  • Traffic flow through the garage is all one way
  • 1,050 Spaces
    • All unreserved spaces
    • Handicapped spaces located on levels 1 and 1 ½ first come first serve
  • 13 floors, approximately 399,600 sf
  • Three elevators located on the Northwest corner of garage at Fannin and Rusk
  • Clearance Height 7'
  • Two entrances at Fannin
  • Two exits at Walker
  • Pedestrian door access
    • Two at Fannin
    • One at Walker
  • Traffic egress assistance 4PM-6PM M-F
  • Parking access
    • Parking card
    • EZ tag reader
    • High speed roll down grille
  • Location
    • West half of the block (block 94)
    • Bounded by Rusk, Fannin, and Walker streets
    • Adjacent to 1110 Rusk Garage
    • Adjacent to renovated Le Meridien Hotel (Formerly known as Melrose)
    • Aloft Hotel on the opposite side of Fannin street
    • Directly beside the Central Station Capitol EB (Red Line) rail on Rusk
    • Directly across from Texaco building (The Star Apartment) on Rusk
    • Across from Club Quarters Hotel on Fannin and Rusk  

Photo from a few minutes ago:



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