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Hurricane Fence Company

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There used to be an industrial complex on the north side of I-10 between Bunker Hill and Blalock. In the mid to late 80's it was abandoned and was an interesting place to go as a teen. A post-apocalyptic wonderland!

I had been there a few times and the friends that told me about it called it "Hurricane" or "Hurricane Fence Co". I don't know if that is the actual name of the business or if someone just happened to see that on a fence on the property.

According to historicaerials.com, it was in business by 1957 and demolished some time between 1995 and 2002. There is now a Costco, Lowe's and Best Buy on the land.

Does anyone happen to have any more info on this place?


Attached are images of the site from present day and 1989



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Hurricane Fence Company makes and sells all manner of residential and commercial fencing. Founders Raymond and Leon Schindler started the company when they invented the chain link fence in the 1930s. Their factory was on the old Katy Road for many years, but at some point in the 80s they sold that property and moved to Pasadena. The Schindler family sold HFC to Wesley Marsh in 2000.


In 1970, Raymond Schindler got into the local TV business when he formed Crest Broadcasting and put KVRL TV Channel 26 on the air in August of 1971. Schindler was the majority stockholder with 43 percent. The call letters were changed early on to KDOG TV as a joke, but also because "dog" is broadcasting slang for a station that isn't making money. It never made money as KDOG, so Crest sold it to Metromedia TV in 1978. Metromedia changed the call letters to KRIV, and sold it to Rupert Murdoch and his Fox Broadcasting Company in 1986. 


Incidentally, Metromedia changed the call letters to KRIV in honor of then-Metromedia executive Albert Krivin.  Fox Broadcasting has never seen fit to change them. 


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There was 3 brothers, the missing 3rd name is Howard Schindler. Leon had one home in Columbus. Howard  lived in Columbus Tx on I-10. All 3 were partners and spit the money 3 ways when they sold it. They made millions

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On ‎6‎/‎18‎/‎2016 at 2:50 PM, Dave W said:

Anchor Fence, which was founded in Michigan, was making and installing chain link fencing a good 40 years before Hurricane Fence was founded.


According to Wikipedia, chain link fencing was made by machine in the UK in the mid 1800's. Anchor Fence bought rights to the machine in 1891. 5b2c2a01850a5_AnchorFenceHouston.thumb.jpg.26ab4a6772c495a18d0bb19a0f97857c.jpg

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