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South Cross: Retail Center At 8715 West Loop S.


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Moderators @Urbannizer @Triton @Highrise Tower please consider moving this out of the Katy and Point West forum. 

The description for that sub-forum states: "Places along the Katy Freeway (I-10), including Addicks, Katy, Memorial, Spring Valley, Westchase, and the villages."

This is neither.

South Cross Center (or Southcross Center) is located in or near the Meyerland area bordering the West Loop and South Loop. It's not along or near the Katy Freeway / I-10 Freeway. Nor is it in west Houston. It's in southwest Houston. 

Since the editor didn't create a southwest forum that's for southwest Houston, where this would fall under, and there is no forum for the Meyerland area, perhaps a better fit for this topic is the Other Neighborhood forum. There are other Meyerland area posts in that forum.

Also, it may be very helpful for all if the address of this shopping center is included in the title. That way, people have a general idea where this is before clicking on the the forum and scrolling through posts to figure out where this is located. Shopping centers like this one, many Houstonians don't know by name.

The address for South Cross Center is 8715 West Loop S.

Also the same applies to the topic below:


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  • The title was changed to South Cross: Retail Center At 8715 West Loop S.

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