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Straddling Bus System

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The problem with that is assuming that ALL cars have very low clearances, which they don't. I'm not even talking about trucks, every car shown is a compact or sub-compact. Even mini-vans won't do it.


I get the concept, the Double decker buses usually have high clearances and can get away with it because they maximize the space given so unless something like a <12' railroad underpass decapitates the bus, but they also maximize the space so the clearance is enough for passengers and the bus innards, not enough so a whole normal car can go through.

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How tall would the inside of this bus (really at this point it's a train) have to be for there to be no car clearance problems?

the route it goes on would for sure have to be clear of any tall obstacles (no low underpasses) or the rails would have to elevate or dip the road. My problem with this is it's just so huge I'm not sure where you could fit it in Houston

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It's not fake.





They actually did it.

China has built the much-anticipated straddling bus—not the tiny model engineers showed off in May, but the real thing. According to the China’s official news agency Xinhua, it was taken for its first test drive on Tuesday in the northeastern city of Qinhuangdao, in the Hebei province.


This is crazy that they actually built it.  

It's more a fancy elevated train than a bus 

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