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Back from the trip through the UH archives and here's the result: 


Foleys Almeda Docs and Photographs 1961 - 1976


Love the Special Collections room here! If you can get over there and are interested in Foley's, from their downtown store and outward, it's worth a visit. 


They will make up to 250 photocopies of docs for you for free, as well as requesting a limited amount of high resolution digital scans of photographs from them. 


It's in the main library, second floor at the back, very quiet and secluded, and on three different days, every librarian and assistant were very friendly and helpful and patient while schlepping box after box over to me. Good stuff.



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I loved the pictures. I lived in Sun Valley from 1972 until 2005. I have visited Almeda Mall many times over the years that I lived there. I have also danced many a night away at the Breezway. Thanks for the great memories.

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Awesome research and documentation of Almeda Mall's birth and design. Enjoyed seeing it all again, the mall layout photos, mall landscape design, colored renderings, and logos. The naming of the two twin malls was an interesting read. I always wondered why the two mall names weren't consistent (ex. Northwest, Southeast).  

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Almeda Mall history


put together a compilation of photos and some docs from 3 years worth of Almeda Mall research from my various sources if anyone is interested in the video (linked above).


One of the newest discoveries was an aerial taken on the preview day of Foley's Almeda Genoa opening, at the end of September 1966.


You can see the Breeze-Way Dance Hall at the top of the photo





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Outstanding stuff! As I never lived near Almeda Mall or went into it, I never visited this thread. My mistake. 


I'd heard Almeda and Northwest (which I have been into many a time) were essentially identical. Man, is that true. 


I've done lots of research using the newspaper microfilms in the Anderson library  basement, but I've never been in the special collections room. I know this is very general, but what kind of stuff do they have? I've written a history of my school. Might they have something on Houston area schools?


And a friend of mine is obsessed with Foley's and Greenspoint Mall. Since that had this dynamite collection on Almeda, might they have something similar on Greenspoint?

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Just now, torimask said:

The UH Special Collections was the recipient of all of the Foley's docs in 2006, so there is a ton on Greenspoint available to discover.


They have a ton of stuff not related to Foley's as well. Here's the list (center column entitled Collecting Areas): Special Collections


Thanks! I'm on their website now and have found a great map of NE Harris County that should prove helpful in future research - far better than the 1893 one I've been using. 


Not sure why I never thought of going in there before. I've only been to the UH library about 1,000 times (OK, an exaggeration, but not by much) since I started this project 11 years ago. I've spent more time in the UH library researching my book than I ever spent in it while I was an actual UH student. LOL!

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