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600 Jefferson (1801 Smith) Renovations

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With Chicago-based United Airlines Inc. leaving its space at 600 Jefferson in downtown Houston and moving to 609 Main at the end of 2018, the owners are planning a revamp of the building.


Stream Realty Partners LP and New York-based DRA Advisors LLC launched a tower renovation and rebrand that should wrap up a year before United leaves. 


Construction started in March and are planned to be finished in January 2017, a spokesperson for Dallas-based Stream told the Houston Business Journal. All in all, the building's two lobbies will get updated marble and granite ceilings, light fixtures and new furniture and art. A new conference center, tenant lounge and cafe will also be built.



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Looks like the building has been pressure washed and the see through glass is being replaced with a darkly tinted glass. 


It is lipstick on a pig but it is a nice shade of lipstick. 

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It might be similar Tiger,  but 600 J is a less attractive Pig than 811 L.



The interior of that place has been a mess for well over a year.  They took out the escalates and replaced it with stairs (like anyone is going to use it) they ripped out (or rather have been ripping out) the beige tile and replacing it with grey tile. But it looks like they have made very little progress in all this time.


 I overheard the firefighters say that they don't really work around business hours; doing very little in the evenings and weekends but almost completely hindering access. He said sometimes they block off the elevators to certain floors, so if you are going from 6 to 2, you would have to take it all the way down to one then walk to the garage and take the elevators there up to 2, then do the reverse to get back to work.


Sometimes the entire front of the building is blocked off so you have to enter through the garage go up some, find a concorse, cross over to the main building then find the elevators to your appropriate floor. 


Continental folks must sure be happy they are leaving. 

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