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Bellville's 1090; Resurrected From the Dead!


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KULF is broadcasting with its full 1kW this afternoon, for the first time in several weeks. Airing Mandarin language, I assume reverting back to the China Radio International Beijing service it was running prior to the unceremonious dumping of the station back in February.


How is THIS possible? Supposedly, the person running the facility was on the run himself, the landowner of the tower site was looking to conduct a fire sale with all the transmit equipment in hopes of recouping his unpaid land rent, and KULF Bellville was facing imminent deletion.


Suddenly, it's back in action like nothing ever happened. What changed, and why suddenly is the very same station that was supposedly doomed, now broadcasting full force? 


Whew, at least Bellville won't lose its only licensed service. Certainly glad about that.

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I'm not so sure the license won't be lost. It could just be a possible transmitter buyer testing out the equipment. If that were the case I'm not sure why they'd put the old programming back on it though.

I just checked and can only hear something very faint in Spanish on 1090.

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The license expired in 2013. Last year the FCC required fees to be paid within 30 days or no renewal.  Fees not paid.


I was told the tower lease has been renewed on a month to month by Jerome Friemel...a man who works.for Don Werlinger.  The FCC was surprised to learn the station is back on. They cant discuss it further because it is a pending investigation

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