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98.7 finally


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Mr. Tejano...  When 98.7 was in testing mode under a construction permit, it was allowed to originate programming just for testing purpose.  Now that it is built and they are getting ready to license it, they have to operate as a translator -- e.g., repeating another station, whether FM, FM-HD, or AM.  Hum, which is already translating KKBQ HD3 on 106.1, is "filler programming" for the 98.7 tramslator until a new tenant is found.  I'm sure they could've found something better to repeat, such as  The Point on 106.9 HD 2, but that's not my decision...

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There is a 106-7 involved, Mouse. That's the translator in Columbus that is attempting to move to channel 300 with a COL change to Sealy.


Now, Joe, this is going to upset me enough to start making a stink. Enough is enough with that crap. Know what I mean? 

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6 hours ago, mrtejano said:

So 106.7 is trying to move closer to Houston also? And if it does happen what will happen to 106.1? Will it still be on air? Will Hum Fm be on all 3???


No, this is supposedly temporary for K254BZ. I find it absolutely appalling that La Nueva 94-1 or La Mejor 104-5 were not chosen to temporarily relay transmission on to 98-7 instead, for licensing purposes. 


Money is indeed the root of all evil. Christian Center of Eternal Life my size 13 foot. Live what you preach, Hector Guevara. Live what you preach.

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Mrtejano, this is what I thought was the current facility #148127 for 106-7 in Columbus, the now former K294BI. I had completely forgotten, it's actually fully licensed to be operating on channel 297 from Sealy right now. 106-7 K294BI Columbus no longer exists, given that K297BT (that's frequency 107-3 in Sealy) replaced it. That makes one third of the trio illegal as all get out.


But I have faith in someone rectifying this situation quickly and efficiently.

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