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B.A. Riesner Building At 900 Commerce St.


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5 hours ago, adr said:

ArCH is moving into this currently empty space, across the street from spaghetti warehouse.  After a design competition and build-out, move-in is scheduled for February 2017.



I do hope that they have a public open house after the buildout is complete!

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Construction on the new Architecture Center Houston was roughly three weeks from completion when

 Hurricane Harvey hit the city in late August, causing flooding beyond even what the resiliency-minded center was designed to withstand—if it was finished. Now, the project is delayed for months.


"The idea for an architecture center is that you want it to be a demonstration space for everything architectural," says Rusty Bienvenue, the executive director of AIA Houston. "We knew this was in a flood zone, but we wanted to tell the story—you can design in a flood zone. We were leading those conversations here in Houston with symposiums and things like over the last year or so in the city. So we thought, put our money where our mouth is, let’s move into this building—a really great, historic building in the flood zone—and design it to withstand water."


Located in the the B.A. Riesner building, originally built in 1906, the center was designed for flood mitigation up to the 500-year flood levels, but flooding from Hurricane Harvey exceeded those levels.

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  • The title was changed to B.A. Riesner Building - Architecture Center Houston At 900 Commerce St.
  • The title was changed to B.A. Riesner Building At 900 Commerce St.

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