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1 minute ago, Uncle Teddy said:

I see a lot of Flickr posts rather than direct uploads. Is there a reason for this?


There's very limited space to do direct uploads to HAIF; Flickr is free to use to a certain level, so most people upload the photos to flickr, imgur, twitter, etc, and then embed the picture 

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7 minutes ago, Uncle Teddy said:

Would there be more updates if you could upload unlimited number of pics? Wouldn't this be a good way to grow the forum?

I don't think there would be much of a difference...everyone who posts photos at this point has found an image hosting service they like and can easily link the pictures from there to HAIF.  I suppose having a larger upload capacity would encourage a few more people but I think a way to really increase the photo uploads is to allow posting photos from mobile devices again.  You used to be able to do it when the forum had tapatalk support but it no longer does (last I checked at least).

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