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Pre-fabricated Housing

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OK. We all know the stereotypes. Trailer trash. Tornado magnets. A movie set for "Cops". Pre-fab housing (also known as trailers, double-wides, White Trash City) isnt' worthy of consideration. No..we're better than that.

So what is the point of architecture? I don't have a handy definition, but I think it means built structures, to benefit people. And I'm questioning whether this needs to be accomplished by on-site construction. At what point does a building become a 'real' building? How does a Perry Home differ from a Mobile Home (except that it's less easily moved)?

The reason I'm posing this question is because my best friend owns a bit of land on the Maine coast. Her needs are simple. She is also aesthetically astute, and a busy person. She needs something affordable, well-insulated, three bedrooms and a bath and a half or two. She doesn't feel like messing with contractors. Some recreation of a New England saltbox is beyond her means, financially and in terms of overseeing contractors.

We don't expect our cars to be custom made, nor do most of us have our clothing tailored. Manufactured housing is the answer for people who always wanted to buy a piece of land, somewhere outside the city. Are there good examples of this sort of construction? It ain't Fallingwater. It addresses the needs and abilities of people who want to be homeowners.

If anyone has researched manufactured housing, I'd be grateful for some advice. Pimply youth and snobs need not apply.

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I think you're confusing pre-fab with trailer house. A trailer house has to be light enough to roll down the road on wheels....that means everything is cheap and

$h!tty. Pre fab houses come in sections, and are assembled on site, less weight concerns. Furthermore, to me at least, pre-fab houses have the advantages of being built in a controlled envronment, as well as being mass produced.....mass production allows the workers find optimal (or near optimal) ways to do things time and time again, and the design gets the bugs worked out if it is repeated enough.

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