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Political future of former Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia

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With back-to-back losses for Houston Mayor (2015: where he didn't make the runoff) & getting trounced by longtime incumbent US Rep. Gene Green (D-TX) in the TX 29th US House Dem primary last week, there's very few political allies & friends for former Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia (D) these days.


Now political speculation is swirling about Garcia's next move if he wants to continue his political career: whether he'll run for Harris County Judge or County Commissioner-Precinct 2 in 2018 or seek a seat in the TX House of Representatives or TX State Senate.





Which one of the offices do you see him seeking IF he makes a political comeback ?

A.) Harris County Judge in 2018 when County Judge Ed Emmett [R] retires after 11 1/2 years in office


B.) Harris County Commissioner-Precinct 2 against incumbent Jack Morman [R] in 2018.


C.) Houston Mayor in 2023 (assuming Turner wins reelection in 2019 by massive landslide).


D.) TX House of Representatives


E.) TX State Senate


F.) Harris County DA




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