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Former First Lady Nancy Reagan Passes Away At 94


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Although I've never been a fan of Ronald Reagan, mainly because he surrounded himself with a bunch crooked buffoons, however Nancy was not one of them. She trusted very few of those "close" aides, and for good reason. She knew that they were all just using her husband to get their own agenda accomplished. She therefore had no problem with using them to get what she wanted for herself and her husband. And if one of them crossed her, she made it clear that they would get no more access to her husband. She was pretty smart on how that all worked.


On a lighter note, I think one of the funniest moments was when she was adjusting her chair on stage at some function that the president was speaking at, and fell off the back of the platform. After confirming that she was okay, the president commented to the audience "If she wanted to get my attention all she had to do was speak up".

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The "War on Drugs" dates to 1971 with President Nixon.  Nancy Reagan's anti-drug campaign was the "Just Say No" effort of the 1980s. 

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understood, but the DARE program and just say no thing, she was the front-woman for those. parts of those programs were higher incarceration rates, they associate her with that.

so yeah, she is remembered by a lot of people for her role in the war on drugs.

right, or wrong, that's the reality.

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