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Petition in Support of Houston Bike Plan

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I'm a little unclear what the donation piece helps achieve:


Your contribution of $5 or more will feature the petition to dozens of like-minded change makers and drive it toward victory.

The more you give, the more people will be shown this campaign and asked to add their names in support.


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In May 2013 the website started “crowd-promoted petitions” that allows a signatory to promote the petition by paying a donation of $5 to $1000 at the final stage of petition signing. For each dollar spent the current petition is linked as a related item to 5 other people who have just signed a petition. Change.org intends to limit donations to one per person, per petition.


From https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Change.org#Business_model


I ignored that part, and rather sent it to 10 people I know that bike and will probably sign. I assume the intent is to get as many signatures as possible then present to Mayor Turner, showing community interest.

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Thanks, everyone!


@Sunstar: I didn't add that donation button, and I'm certainly not soliciting donations, just signatures and shares. I assume that the donations go to change.org.

@skwatra: You're right. As with the petition for Sunday Streets, if we get to 1,000 signatures, the Mayor has to, at least, pretend to look at it. I'm after that 1,000-signature threshold, baby!

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