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Boone Elementary School At 11400 Bissonnet St.


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The other day I discovered that Google Earth had a historic view, but only a few dates were available. 1944 was one of them (and in my area, basically there was nothing here), so I shuffled between the interesting ones (1978, 1989 and 1995) and today. What I noticed was that between those three dates, Boone Elementary, the first school that I went to, went through some pretty big cosmetic changes (I started there in 1999). Anyone here know when exactly these changes happened? Between '78 to '89, the indoor gym was built and whole entrance part of the building was re-built (the 1989 map in fact shows it still being built), and the track near Olle Middle School right in front of Boone was still being dug, and between '89 and '95 the section where the school busses currently pick up and drop off the students just to the upper right of the school was newly constructed.


Anybody here go to Boone, and can say when these changes happened? Thanks! 



Top left - 2016

Top right - 1978

Bottom left - 1989

Bottom left - 1995






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Check out historicaerials.com. It has more dates to fill in what google earth is missing. It irritates me that google earth has nothing from 1953 to 1978 for most of Houston, so this is a good alternative. The only drawback is that it plasters a big watermark on the images.


Unfortunately, it looks like it is missing the dates you're looking for, between 81 and 95.


I grew up in Sharpstown, not too far from Boone. We used to ride our bmx bikes to a dirtbike track near there, off Wilcrest and Boone Loop. The track was bulldozed in the late 80's, I think, and is still an open field.


The area between the school and Bissonnet was open field for a long time. I think there was a marshy pond area that would form during rains.

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