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Champions Ballroom At 14005 W. Montgomery Rd.

Michelle C

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When I was a young woman in the late 60s to mid 70s we used to frequent a country western bar and dance hall called Champions Ballroom. It was located on then Hwy. 149 now called 249. The address was 14005 W. Montgomery Rd. Looking at Google maps it would have been right where the Firestone tire store and the Lone Star Title Loan store is located. When you view it from above you can see the remainder of a concrete slab behind and between the two stores. That is what is left of the dance hall area. There was a lot of parking area in the front of the building. Are there any older kickers out there they used to haunt this place or possible remember it? I have many fond memories from that era.

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While I also have some fond memories of this place, my last recollection is painful.  It was the last time I was in a bar fight (probably not the right term since I never got into the bar that night + it wasn't much of a fight).  I had gone there to drop off my step-daughter who was about 12 or so to meet her grandpa when a Livestock Show and Rodeo trail ride stopped there the day before finishing in Houston.  We wouldn't let her go on the trail ride but agreed that she could meet her papaw who was on the ride at Champions and go with him the last day.  I had come straight from work and was wearing a jacket and tie.  That seemed to piss off a couple of rowdies who were leaving the bar and found me parked behind their car while I waited for the kid to find her grandpa.  I got out of my car to tell them I was moving to let them out but then they jumped me and I got a faceful of that coarse white gravel that the parking lot was covered with.  The one good punch I got in connected with a big cowboy buckle and I got bruised knuckles to go with various other skins and scrapes.  That must have been about 1979 or so.  Do you remember a place just up the road that was called Moe's?  I was always under the impression that it was owned by Moe Bandy but that may not have been right.

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I grew up at Champions!  Knew the owners   - Dave & Kris - very well!  Even though I was the kid of an HPD officer, I used to run back and forth between the front bar and the back bar!  Lots of off-duty HPD officers used to hang out there!  This is where I was first introduced to a great man, leader of The Ace in a Hole band - yep ...a very young George Strait was a frequent performer at Champions in the day!!! Spent lots of hours playing pool, dancing around with all the Cowboys.

After Dave passed away, the club went downhill- fast!!!

Gosh, I miss that place and all the others like it (Tin Hall - HPD used to host their family picnic out there every year!). Loved eating and playing during the day followed by dancing the night away!

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  • The title was changed to Champions Ballroom At 14005 W. Montgomery Rd.

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