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The Boat Yard At Highway 59 & Kirby


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The Boat Yard! Holy. Had some fun nights there in grad school back in 1995-7. 


My favorite story was when I brought a visitor from Boston there and we sat outside and watched a thick fog roll in. We were lighting one up and noticed a trash bag on the roof (we were drinking outside next to the boats). We spent a few hours wondering what was in the bag. Then, a man emerges looking like Willie Nelson and he grabs the bag off the roof. So, we ask him what's in the bag... and he proceeds to pull out animal skulls for his art project.


Needless to say, it left a memorable impression on my Bostonian friend whose dad was a professor at BU!


As for where it was, I was thinking back where Lupe Tortilla now stands or maybe even Twin Peaks?

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The Boat Yard was on Morningside.  The landlord sold the property a long while back, and a motel was built there.  On the other side of Morningside is an Academy store that fronts on the feeder road of the Southwest Freeway.  The location was between Norfolk, the Southwest Freeway, and Greenbriar.  My son played in a group there late 80's or early 90's, I think it was.


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