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October Mod of the Month
Houston Mod invites you to join us  this Sunday, October 11, 2015, for a Mod of the Month open house event from 3-5 PM.
Help find new preservation-minded owners for these two two fantastic architect designed houses. One is located in River Oaks, about 2 miles west of downtown Houston, and another in Willow Meadows, about 8 miles southwest of downtown Houston.
Thanks to Houston MODern Market for sponsoring this FREE event.
 2 Tiel Way, Houston, Texas 77019

The organic concepts of legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright inspired this magnificent original owner house situated on one of Houston's most picturesque streets. Architects Frederick MacKie (1905-1984) and Karl Kamrath (1911-1988), both graduates of the University of Texas, designed this house for the A. J. Ballantyne family in 1958. It was built in 1961 on two wooded ravine-front lots next to Kamrath's own house. Kamrath was so inspired by Wright that he based his career on Wright's concepts, eventually leading to several meetings and a friendship with Mr. Wright. Kamrath's designs were popular in making modern design appealing to a wide audience and earned the firm local and national recognition.
As do many Wright and Kamrath designs, the front elevation projects a sense of mystery. Transitioning the reduced scale entry, the spaces expand in several directions. The floor elevation descends several steps to the living area while the wood beamed ceiling rises above leading to walls of plate glass viewing broad outdoor living space in the naturalistic setting. A portion of the living area projects out into the ravine. The plan is based on a 6' x 6' grid and incorporates five bedrooms and six baths, a spectacular fireplace, and abundant built-ins and storage space. A swimming pool is located in a terraced area of the over two acre lushly landscaped grounds which were designed and planted by Dr. Ballantyne.
10111 Cliffwood Drive, Houston, Texas 77035
Noted modernist architect William R. Jenkins designed this beautiful prominently sited mid-century modern house in 1956 for the Weintraub family. The cross-axial floor plan displays great clarity and provides all rooms light and openness. Having had only two thoughtful owners, the house maintains most of its architect-intended details including the terrific kitchen, hardwood floors, bathrooms opening to private gardens, exciting mod light fixtures, and even the original built-in television set.  The current owners received a Houston Mod Preservation Award for their careful maintenance of the house in 2009. More detailed information can be found in the Houston Mod publication by Jason Smith entitled High Style in the Suburbs: The Early Modern Houses of William R. Jenkins which will be available, along with other Houston Mod publications, at Sunday's event. 
William Jenkins (1925-1989) graduated from the University of Houston in 1951 where he learned from talented instructors including Donald Barthelme and Howard Barnstone. Early in his career, he worked with William Floyd and Harwood Taylor. He taught architecture at UH beginning in 1956 and earned his master of architecture degree in 1966 from Texas A & M University. With William Hoff, he designed important buildings such as the Park IV and V apartment towers, the Hillcroft Professional Building, and many others. Jenkins served as the Dean of the UH College of Architecture from 1969 to 1988.


Other News & Events
Saturday October 10th: Uncommon Modern Bus Tour
Hop on the bus with Houston Mod for an hour long tour of Brookhollow Business Park and celebrate mid-century design on Docomomo US Tour DayTickets are $15-$20. Walk-ups will be accepted, however, space is limited. 
Last Call for Nominations: 2015 Houston Mod Preservation Awards
Houston Mod is accepting nominations for the 2015 Houston Mod Preservation Awards through Sunday, October 11th. Click here to nominate individuals or organizations that have made significant efforts to retain, restore, preserve and/or advocate for Houston's modern heritage. 
It is an exciting Houston Mod weekend! We hope to see you at the Uncommon Modern Tour and Mod of the Month event. Join us at the Houston Mod Discussion Forum and Houston Mod Facebook Page for more mod-minded fun.
Support future Houston Mod events by becoming a member. Houston Mod is planning several members-only and members get-in-free events. If you need to check your membership status, please e-mail

Houston Mod is dedicated to promoting knowledge and appreciation of modern architecture and design in Houston and Texas and advocates the preservation of this cultural legacy, seeking support from its members and the general public in achieving this goal.

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Jason Smith will be at the Cliffwood house 3-4 PM today and can sign his book about architect  William Jenkins.  The book has an excellent chapter about the Cliffwood house as well as many others.

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