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panamerican ballroom


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It was on North Main, I want to say near Quitman St. I remember when we provided production for Los Tigros Del Norte there, we couldn't take the equipment truck under the railroad bridge on Main, so we had to go around downtown up 45 to North Main. This was in 1987.

the place was fkn nuts- the stage was about 8' off the ground, the ceiling was about 15' off the ground, we had to duck under the truss beams to move around up there!

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Tumbleweed_Tx, by any chance do you have any pictures? I am currently working on a project that includes the Pan American Ballroom and a few other night clubs in Houston. If anyone comes across this post and you have stories or pictures please reach out to me. dbr668@gmail.com. My dad use to play there back in the day. Thank you


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Coincidental that another thread recently mentioned the Julia Ideson building, as there was (about 18 months ago) a really excellent exhibit there on Houston's Hispanic music heritage, and I believe I saw this picture. I bet you could reach out to the curators for more info and maybe get a look at some of the archived material.



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