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Main Street 1990s


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I heard it was 6. Anyway, I did make a similar topic almost 3 years ago: http://www.houstonarchitecture.com/haif/topic/27318-what-was-main-street-like-before-the-light-rail/


Was it really that big? I guess I am looking more for going down the bridge from UH-D into downtown type photos. Yes, very specific but that thread is certainly a great start! thanks!

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No turns?  So once you got onto main street, you were stuck on it for the duration?


Yep.  All the way from Commerce down to Bell or so, IIRC.


There were a lot of potholes, right? I remember Main and N Main being terrible in that area.


Probably.  At the time that described just about all of the downtown streets, all of which were in pretty much the same shape that lower Westheimer is now.

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I don't recall Main being full of potholes. I used Main quite a bit from 1976 to 1991, simply because it had less traffic, and was a pretty cool drive. I was banking at South Main Bank for much of that time, so heading out Main was a natural choice.

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I personally never liked the idea of the Light Rails, made driving in those areas even more of a game of Russian Roulette.

Light Rails? And how is it a game of Russian Roulette? Follow the traffic signs like anywhere else and you should be just fine. If you don't like the idea of rail running thru the middle of a street then go to Boston or even Denver and realize it's a normal part of life in those cities.

Here's Lower Main St in the 1990s in all its glory.  Not a great shot of the street itself however.


I can't believe we allowed the city to decay so badly. 

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