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Finger Furniture At 9500 Jensen Dr.


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I checked out a Value Village location located at 9500 Jensen which after some research I found was a former Finger Furniture location. Does anyone have any pictures of information about when the building was occupied by Finger Furniture. Fingers still owns the building so I have no idea when they moved out. It seems that most of what Finger built is still left. So whatcha got HAIF?

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Back when the Jensen Drive corridor was a major shopping area, Fingers had the store at Jensen and Tidwell. Right across the street on Tidwell was Commercial State Bank. From what I remember, Fingers never really did a brisk business there from what I saw and I think it turned out to be basically a store in which they sold old furniture styles, seconds,  and so forth from their major locations.

 It closed a long time before Fingers folded and I believe was another business for a while before it became what it is today.

  It hasn't been the safest area of town for decades and is a monument to urban blight.

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