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Can anyone identify the exact location of this picture?


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It looks like 6252 San Felipe on the western edge of Briargrove. The bridge spans the drainage ditch that runs the western edge of the neighborhood. I just drove over it a few hours ago. The 1966 directory has no listings between the ditch and Voss Road except for Handee Food Mart at 6530 and Richard's Liquor Warehouse at 6532 San Felipe.  In 1966, Fred Cassara and Leroy Cataline lived at 6252 San Felipe. 

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This picture was apparently taken around 1962 on San Felipe and Voss facing east.

Having trouble figuring out exactly where this was or what that building is in the background.[/quote

Not sure where that photo was taken, but I've seen that lady recently at walmart. She still wears that outfit and hairdo.


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Thanks for sharing that photo. I always love to see those... when the neighborhood was brand new. HCAD lists that house at 6252 S.F. with a cracked slab now, too bad. Leroy Cataline still owned it in 1988, but by yr. 2000, different owner. I have a question... Why are some of those detached garages on an angle? They tilt inward, just a little. See the aerial. 


That's a nice mid-century modern design on the corner of Briargrove and San Felipe, seen in the background of the photo. Looks like the neighborhood has had many teardown/ re-builds. Too bad, again. 


I've long admired the flat-roof 1965 (yr. built) duplex at 6258/ 6264 San Felipe. Both units had pools, were 3/2/1 w built-in carports.  


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When that ditch was excavated in the late 50's the dirt was piled up in huge mounds on the west side of it. We used the mounds as kids in the early 60's as pre-dirt bike paths. Apartment developers eventually made use of the vacant land and built a huge complex there, part of which burnt up in a spectacular fire some years later.


Great period photo.

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