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Aurora: Condominiums At 4906 Tilbury Dr.


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have you not been paying attention? the groundswell for condo has been tremendous lately.

 That's what I've been saying for quite a while now. They need to convert these proposed multi-family projects in downtown to condos. The market for condos is absolutely there.... multi-family is another story now...

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This is fascinating.  I mean you'll still be sharing the elevator with 20 people, but it will have a drastically different feel.  Also, waiting for the elevator in your own condo?  You could be put off putting down your ceramic coffee mug until the last possible second.


Also, this means less common spaces to keep up - more of the expensive square footage to actually sell.


I wonder where the fire escape stairs are...

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The views this place will have command a very high price. I would prefer to see the skyline than live under the trees. If I had a couple million stashed away.


Edit: the design is so clean and tasteful. Do you think it's too modern for the wealth in this city? If this broke ground it would be a groundbreaking design for condos. Something we haven't had since the 80's. I'm worried because it doesn't have enough stucco and too many windows that it won't sell.

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  • The title was changed to Aurora: Condominiums At 4906 Tilbury Dr.

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