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Quail Valley Boogie Nights Or What?


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What is the deal with this place? I was browsing some MLS listings and came across some very large (ugly 70's era) luxury homes for prices that looked too good to be true. I started checking around on the internet and it looks like the verdict is still out on this place, as to whether or not it's in decline. However, statistically I can't figure out why such large homes are so cheap.


Is anyone familiar with the area and willing to shed some light on this? What's the catch? Is there radiation or are late 70's modern homes really that ugly?



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That area declined drastically in the 80's and 90's but on a recent drive through of the area it looked surprisingly good.  Especially close to the golf course. 

Quail valley? Yeah and the GC ain't in bad shape either. Who knows. Toured a 1974 home August last year. 3000 sqft, 3 car garage, circle driveway, pool, on the 17th green. The whole house (and area) seemed quite upscale and "custom" to me. I mean at least when it was built it was meant to be. And it's still in decent shape today. Price for that house I toured...~$250k. 


Edit to add: 3402 El Dorado is the one I saw

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