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They may be updating it or just installing a new set outright.


The existing desk has been moved over to the large monitor where they've done the sports segments in the past.


It also looks like all of the smaller walls of "monitors" stage left and right of the desk have been replaced with a wall-sized photos of those respective areas. Odd, but whatever. I suppose for continuity's sake in a way.

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Yeah it appears they seem to be either updating or rebuilding the set. If this is true, they are way overdue for a new set. The new graphics are great but the set needs to match the new updated graphics and the current set matches the old graphics.

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I see that it debuted tonight. Based on the photos it looks like a more HD-friendly design as well as a fair amount brighter. Pretty contemporary look, just hope it holds up over the years.

ChannelTwoNews, I've noticed that Ch. 13's new studio set looks a little bit similar to their virtual set from 1983!



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Unless you've been living under a rock, weather anchor Casey Curry got injured, breaking her wrist during the end of Ch. 13's 11:00am newscast:






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