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Bernicia Place: Multifamily At 3910 Old Spanish Trl.


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Bernicia Place is an apartment complex for the elderly being developed by Harris County Housing Authority. The complex is a 120-unit apartment community on approximately 6 acres of land. This transit oriented design (TOD) is adjacent to a major bus transit facility. The project also includes 5000 S.F. of Commercial space to respond to the commercial nature of the site.


Exterior spaces will respond to a major commercial intersection in the neighborhood with a plaza that will be shaded in the afternoon by the prominent 5–story building at the corner of Scottcrest and Old Spanish Trail. Other exterior spaces wrap around a water feature that enhances the required flood control infrastructure.


Shared community spaces will include a building office/reception area, a communal kitchen, a community dining area, furnished living/TV rooms, a fully-equipped business center, a library, community laundry room, and social service meeting/office areas.

This property will be a LEED certified, energy efficient, ‘green’ building.

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This looks interesting but...where is going to go at that intersection?  Is it really going to be on the SE corner of that intersection, around the transit center?

If it is going to be on that corner, how big will it extend?  There's an old theater there at 4010 OST that looks interesting, if abandoned.  It would be nice if it could be kept.


I couldn't find the exact location information on that web page, but maybe I'm missing something.


Anyway this should be good for the area

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As an area resident, I am happy to see this.


Yes, but as a frequent customer of the Walgreens pharmacy, sounds like my wait time will increase. :)


Just kidding of course...as I get older these jokes about old folks just aren't as funny as they used to be.  Hits too close to home.


Looks like a nice development.  I also don't see an available 6-acre parcel for this development, but whichever corner it goes on, it will be an improvement.  Wouldn't mind it replacing the run down strip center south of OST next to the transit center.  Wouldn't mind it replacing the warehouses and apartments north of OST.


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OK, saw some info through Harris County Housing Authority that indicates that this complex would be built partially on undeveloped portions of the Southeast Transit Center.


My best guess is that they're using the undeveloped east half of Southeast Transit Center, plus the commercial strips & movie theater fronting OST.  All of that adds up to 6 acres.


Of course I've been wrong before....

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