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French Chateau Truck At 06 E. Friar

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The original construction began in 1962....

Materials were brought from Europe to construct it.

It was quite the conversation piece in the 60's and 70's before people started tearing down other homes and building McMansions..


I got curious about how the street view looked on google satellite. I started searching for more info... and found this link below among the results.

It has 28 photos....ALL the interior photos indicate the interior has been gutted....

Doors and windows don't appear to be moved, and the same for  fireplaces and staircases.

But WHY would so much be redone inside when this house was said to have Sooo much detail ?


Does anyone know the story of this property ?

I used to live in Hunter's Creek and drove by that house many many times, and I just wonder what has happened to it over the years.


The renovation has probably been completed by now.


I had to type the address here, so it might work or you'll have to cut and paste.



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When I was young we would go over to this site and watch them working on this chateau. I remember seeing many pallets of stone stacked around the property.

Each piece had a number on the stone. They apparently dismantled and recorded the location and shipped to Houston where the man who purchased the chateau had returned to after being set free. I spoke with one of the workers and they said the man who had bought the chateau, had been in a prison, and the chateau was in his cells view, and he looked out at it every day. He said the owner vowed he would eventually buy and rebuild in America.

Whether this was true or not, I don't know but for a young person, it made for a  great inspirational story. Of course the building took many decades to finally finish and I don't even know if the original owner ended up with the property while he was alive. 

I wish I knew more but thats all I've got.


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