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Texas Tower (Block 58) by Hines, 47-Story Office Tower

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1 hour ago, Montrose1100 said:

Look at all the company our big boy has now.


I didn't even notice that all those buildings around "Texas Commerce Tower"* are new.


* I, on the other hand, am not new!

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The glass on the garage is starting to be installed.

it's not posted on his website anymore but this morning Ralph Bivins announced that Hines was on the verge of kicking off block 58. V&E has long been rumored as the lead tenant and Ralph confirmed

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I am glad to see that at least some developers are choosing designs that prevent otherwise-hideous parking structures from overwhelming the appearance of their projects.   My local poster child for the opposite approach is the Aloft Hotel on Westheimer.  Perhaps there are worse examples, but I drove by it again today and was still annoyed by it - the ugliest Aloft I've seen.   

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1 minute ago, decks05 said:

No this is just a sequencing thing since the field crew can't use the tower crane during the day. I work for the company doing the curtain wall on this beast.


Thanks for that explanation! I live next door and the crane lights are a new night light :) Was wondering what was going on.


I walk the dog at 5 a.m. and work is going on, come home at 7 and still working, look out the window -- they're still at it

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14 hours ago, hindesky said:





Thanks for all the pics, especially the last one highlighting the notch / tower corner continuation. I think that is a very cool design feature!

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On 4/25/2020 at 12:38 AM, Urbannizer said:


Gorgeous photos, every single one of them!  Thanks goes to the photographer and the poster for sharing one of America's most dynamic and beautiful big city skylines.



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6 hours ago, HOU_huckster said:

Peeking through.


Also, is this Houston's best angle?



I was just walking that path for the first time today and thinking the same thing... but at dusk 

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