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Texas Tower: 47-Story Office Tower For Block 58


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^^^ @Triton that VERY FUTURISTIC outward ceiling lighting design / effect... is officially badass!  obviously, this particular HINES edifice is going to achieve some very potent next level surprises and effects.  this building is going to be the COOLEST...

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I'm thinking 4 honking huge spotlights, like 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 candlepower on each corner, pointed straight up. even on a cloudless night, the super lumens plus pollution would make for a bright light shining into the heavens and blinding pilots for miles.

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11 hours ago, Caleb said:

1/4th of the crown was lit tonight and it cements Texas Tower as the most stunning addition to the skyline. Even just with 1/4th of it lit. The light was brightest along the very top of the slanted crown along the roof. The light cascades through the rest of the crown and mostly clear glass gently fading towards the bottom of the crown. I was in awe! 

Unfortunately I didn‚Äôt get pictures because I was driving. ūüėĒ¬†

There's a video on SnapChat map over downtown it shows the light green crown light up, looks awesome

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