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Dallas stands behind our police:   Dallas Strong by Justin Terveen

Dallas Aerial by formulanone, on Flickr

What are the plans for and around Trinity River?


There are a number of recreational and transportation-related projects proposed.  Check out the Trinity River Corridor website (sorry; this site is acting stupid and won't let me link to it).


It will be neat if at least some of the projects come to fruition.  The current state of the Trinity River in Downtown Dallas is very sad.  The river has been treated as an overgrown drainage ditch, rather than a scenic amenity.

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With a 33 and 30 story U/C and a 34 and 31 proposed as well as all the other 25 stories and under U/C this view is gonna look great in a year or so.

That is a great picture that shows how dense the central core of Downtown Dallas is becoming. And with 21 towers now under construction and another 10 with groundbreakings imminent this same view will be killer in another 2 years. And if we get some of the "big boys" that are planned the cityscape for Downtown Dallas will reach a truly impressive level.

I just updated the list of new towers for Downtown Dallas and the central core that are either under construction, with groundbreakings imminent and those that are planned.

This list is purely new construction and does not include the dozens and dozens of older buildings in Downtown Dallas being repurposed into residential, hotel and upgraded office that is also currently underway. An article in today's Dallas Morning News spoke of the hotel boom underway in Downtown Dallas that is adding thousands of new rooms and many of those hotels are in older buildings that are now being renovated and upgraded.

In my list I've catalogued all new construction projects of which I am aware. In the "Planned" section I have listed all announced projects without giving probability on actual construction (i.e. the Sarimsakci supertalls have been questioned by many - BUT he is following through on development of a couple of other projects in Downtown Dallas that people had voiced doubts over as well). The supertalls that probably have the best chance of development are the Perot Tower and the Harwood Forum towers, but who knows.

Here is the updated list of new construction for Downtown Dallas:

Under Construction, 21 towers:

33 story Bleu Ciel residential tower

30 story Katy Station residential tower

25 story 1900 Pearl ("Symphony" Arts District office tower), Lincoln Property

25 story Skyhouse Victory Place residential tower

23 story "M" Line Streetlights residential tower

23 story The Jordan residential tower

23 story Ascent 1 residential tower (2 tower complex on shared podium)

21 story Ascent 2 residential tower (2 tower complex on shared podium)

22 story The McKenzie residential tower

22 story Frost Bank office tower

21 story McKinney & Olive mixed use tower

21 story One Uptown residential tower

18 story The Brady residential tower

18 story Hall Arts office tower

Twin 17 story towers, The Case Building, Westdale Deep Ellum residential towers

14 story 1900 Cedar Springs residential tower

12 story 1920 McKinney office tower

10 story Baylor Hospital hotel

8 story Gables/Whole Foods residential tower

7 story One Harwood, "Rolex" office tower, Harwood International

Groundbreakings imminent, 10 towers:

34 story Residences at Park District residential tower, Trammell Crow, 1Q16

29 story The Union Dallas residential tower, shared parking podium, 1Q16

25 story The Union Dallas office tower, 16 stories on top of shared parking podium, 1Q16

Twin 25-30 story towers, J.P.Morgan Chase mixed use towers (hotel and residential, next to Trammell Crow Center), before end of year

24 story Cinepolis residential tower, Sep. 1, 2015 per FAA schedule

23 story Hines Victory office tower, Sep. 30, 2015 per FAA schedule

19 story Park District office tower, Trammell Crow, 1Q16

18 story Oliver & Central residential tower, January 2016

17 story Virgin Hotel, May 2016

Planned, 36 towers:

50-100 story Perot Tower

Twin 80 story and twin 60 story towers (4 tower complex near Dallas City Hall), Sarimsakci Development

Harwood Forum complex, Harwood International mixed use towers (3.2 million sq ft of condos, office, hotel, retail):

-- twin ~80-81 story towers (connected by skybridge)

-- ~50-60 story tower

-- ~30 story tower (curvy design)

-- ~30 story Harwood XII office tower

70 story and 60 story residential towers, Pacific Plaza, Sarimsakci Development

50+ story The Lexi mixed use tower, Harwood International

50 story Hall Arts mixed use tower

46 story Cityplace mixed use tower

39 story 2121 Flora Atelier Arts District mixed use tower

39 story South Asian Museum, mixed use tower, Field@Woodall Rodgers Expwy

29 story Hall Arts residential tower

29 story The Oliver residential tower, Harwood International

24 story Streetlights Hall & Howell residential tower

24 story 2826 No. Harwood office tower, Harwood International

20-25 story Hillwood Urban 1, office tower

20-25 story Hillwood Urban 2, office tower

20 story Ltd Edition 2505 residential tower

19 story "Club Babalu" residential tower

17 story "Old Warsaw" office tower (14 story + ~3 story crown)

~17 story Dream Hotel

~16 story 1640 Edison, Design District office tower

~15 story "Union Bankers Life" mixed use tower, Deep Ellum

14 story "Pearl" residential tower, Uptown

Spire Development, mixed use:

-- 30 story hotel

-- 30 story office

-- 21 story office

-- 13 story residential

12 story Two Arts office tower, Lucy Billingsley

Not announced:

Tim Headington holdings (across from The Joule Hotel and across from Fountain Place office tower)

Jack Matthews holdings (old "Dallas High School", West Dallas and The Cedars)

Hunt/Woodbine holdings (Reunion/Union Station)

High Speed Rail development (possible tower or towers as part of HSR complex)

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Thanks for replying. :D


You were the author of that list? Cool. I posted an earlier version of the same list on the Development thread a few months back.


Yes the core is looking amazing. Unfortunately some of those big boy towers are having to jump through some hoops.


The buzzkilling FAA denied the 2 1080ft Hi-Forum monsters citing that only something 378ft or whatever can be built in that spot. But Im sure Harwood is not going to give up easily. Hell, 600-700 footers would look amazing right there. I could live with that.


All the towers Saremsacki (Turkish dude) has proposed so far havent gained any traction as far as I know but you never know.


The best bet is Perot/Hillwood for a true skyscraper. He just need tenants.  I think his design is a little bland but I could live with it as long as it's substantial.


Even without the big towers the city is really staring to look great. Not to mention all the planned stuff outside of the core.


EDIT: Watch out for Craig Hall. He 's another hope for a true skyscraper. As you know he has plans already.

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I'm sure Harwood International will not let the FAA's initial response be the last word on their Forum towers .... they have too much clout and influence in the City and region.  


The Perot site (which has UNLIMITED height available to it) is literally across Woodall Rodgers Freeway a block south from where Harwood Forum will rise.  I honestly think that the regional FAA office (which is based in Ft. Worth) may be letting regional rivalry influence them on some of this because the wording they used for their response was actually pretty awkward and almost hesitant as if to say "no, but if you really want it and push hard to get it it could happen".


Yes, Craig Hall is emerging as a real player Downtown.  And Tim Headington's site next to Fountain Place may end up with something pretty spectacular as well.  And of course Perot's tower would be a solid addition.


Thanks for all the good work you do on this site keeping things updated!  Good job!

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'Real Housewives of Dallas' announces cast and premiere date

Brentney Hamilton

February 11, 2016


The speculation is over. E! broke the news this morning that The Real Housewives of Dallas will debut Monday, April 11, at 10 p.m. on Bravo.

E!'s exclusive preview reveals that Cary Deuber, Tiffany Hendra, Stephanie Hollman, LeeAnne Locken, Brandi Redmond and their friend Marie Reyes will star in the biggest thing to hit Big D TV since J.R. and Sue Ellen or ... perhaps anything, ever.

Full Article

E! News Article / RHOD Trailer

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I'm not ashamed to admit the RH franchise is one of my favorites. Melbourne, New York, and Beverly Hills are highly entertaining. It's awesome to seen grown, impressionable women get so bored with their fabulous lives that they create unnecessary drama and expose their childish & immature true selves while getting sloshed at lunch. It's also a great way for the cities to get exposure.

Good for Dallas. We were close to having one for Houston but it fell through.

Edit: I will be looking out for this when it airs.

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Respectfully, I would be. There is so much garbage on T.V., maybe it's a good thing that state legislators slashed $63 million from the Texas Moving Image Industry Incentives Program from the state’s budget.


This will make it harder for Dallas to land this kind of crap in the future. I know it's good for Dallas and Texas to have a small part of the film and television industry, but I'm not proud that this cheap reality stuff comes out of Dallas at all. We have been fighting a reputation for being tacky for decades. This won't help that image.

Well guess what there are tacky people everywhere and it's obviously successful. I'm not ashamed at all. I completely understand what it is but I enjoy it. Just relax and let people enjoy things, like this thread. I like seeing what they have to offer without flashing some Houston images/renderings in the most defensive way possible. Why?

The Dallasites on this website know how to navigate the forum and see our going up section (They even comment). So let's leave our stuff there and admire what is happening to our neighbors.

Edit: I think it's a shame the legislation didn't pass. We need exposure. We have such a low share of the market.

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I hear Duck Dynasty is very popular with a certain demographic too. Not my thing, but please enjoy anything you like - I'm not judging you personally by what entertains you. It's just another T.V. guilty pleasure and that is pretty much all T.V. is and ever was anyway. I just think shows like real housewives are not doing housewives or Dallas' image any huge favors - just like I don't think Honey Boo Boo and her train wreck of a mother are doing obese children and women any favors. But that doesn't mean you can't laugh at it and be entertained by the exploitation of it. Whatever gets you off, dude.

I've spent half my life in Dallas and the other half in Houston. I love both equally. I have a very special connection to both. I'm very interested in what is going on in both. Which is why the Dallas section at Haif is such a great forum to me. Right now, I live in Dallas but I love looking at all the great stuff going up in Houston too. And when others start comparing things in both cities - what's wrong with having a visual? As long as it's respectful and relevant to the discussion, I don't see the harm of posting photos of other cities in the Dallas section if it helps make a point - and vice versa. Living in a bubble isn't a good thing.

Well what's the point? Your opinion? That's fine, but be careful when all you post in all your responses that you think whatever comparable building in Houston is better. It's comes off as defensive. Just my unsolicited advice. Carry on.
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This video  is a year old but is still pretty good:


Downtown Dallas: Forward Momentum


Great video!  I'm taken when looking at snap shots like this.  Many of the projects in the video are approaching substantial completion while new ones are well underway. Dallas city proper alone had 6 billion dollars worth of new development started in 2015.  That does not include the 5 billion mile up the burbs.  Houston even with the down turn in energy continued to put up strong numbers as well as San Antonio and Austin.  I'd like to see the before and after for all metros in 2020 when compared to 2012.  It should be pretty impressive.

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Is this really something to be proud of?


Not sure if it is....  I do know if there was a real house wives of Houston, the PR machine would turned up on this forum as well.  According to my sister-in-law there was big buzz among her friends there in Houston of a possible show when Bravo was looking at a Houston as possible location.

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Not sure if it is.... I do know if there was a real house wives of Houston, the PR machine would turned up on this forum as well. According to my sister-in-law there was big buzz among her friends there in Houston of a possible show when Bravo was looking at a Houston as possible location.

There was a few articles about having the Brown Hand Center's owner's wife, but they went through a nasty divorce immediately after the scouting.

Apart from the drama and silly-ness, there are often great location & skyline shots in each show. We need this glamorization in our state besides the obvious spotlight (Austin). Houston & Dallas are cool cities and great places to live/drink/play. Why not share this fact with a wider audience?

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Taken from Cityplace no doubt but we need larger more expansive views like they do for Houston.  There's a video on youtube taken from White Rock Lake that shows the whole cityscape and its impressive. Photographers should take note of that location.

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