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Howard Hughes Corporation Announces New Willis Community


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The Howard Hughes Corporation and The Woodlands Development Company have announced details regarding a new master-planned community north of Conroe. The as-yet unnamed project will be located on about 2,000 acres north of Conroe and south of Willis, about 13 miles north of The Woodlands, said Development Company Co-President Tim Welbes.

The new Howard Hughes project will feature more than 1,400 acres of residential development that will house about 4,800 lots. By comparison, The Woodlands is housed on more than 28,000 acres and features 31,900 homes, according to the Development Company.

The first homes will become available in 2016, and a grand opening is scheduled for spring 2017, Welbes said. 

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zzzzzzzzzz..................coming from a woodlands' resident who is disgusted with the howard hughes corporation.  they are like any other slash and burn developer, out of dallas, and care nothing about the environment, only turning a buck and stamping howard hughes mythology on everything.  they just land in their spruce goose and throw-up mediocre cheap buildings.  cheap cheap cheap cheap...low low low low low quality and lack lack lack lack lack good design choices.  they bought a controlling share in the woodlands and are using the good name to cash out for their dallas based corporation.  the woodlands has been sullied by the howard hughes corporation and everyone is so giddy over every "new" thing that they fail to notice the shaking elevators and crooked trim in the buildings....and even the butt-ugly office buildings almost completely devoid of forested areas...."token" trees for the woodlands, "TOKEN" trees.  disgusted.  how much you want to bet the name of the "new" community bears the name of something related to howard effing hughes?

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I think I will prefer to be in the loop where the expectations for developers aren't based on 40 years of optimism (or, more specifically, expecting better ways to incorporate development with the environment.) At least The Woodlands planted many seeds of optimism as well as helped some of us see new ways of considering the environment when developing.

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  • The title was changed to Howard Hughes Corporation Announces New Willis Community

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