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HPD and private property citations

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Hey everyone - hoping y'all can provide some advice to me.

Last week I was backing out of a parking space at work (on private property), when a taxi came flying by behind me. I hit his passenger side. I have a witness saying he was speeding thru the lot (10mph limit). I was happy enough to trade insurance info and move on, but he insisted on having HPD show up.

Long story short, HPD showed up and wrote me a citation for the accident ("failure to back up safely")

Since then, everyone I've spoken to (including my insurance and the body shop) have been SHOCKED that HPD wrote me a citation on private property. Now I have a court date in May, and I plan on going in and speaking to the judge.

But my question is - what is my best course of action? I can't say to the judge "you should throw out this ticket because everyone says 'not cool, man!'", but I don't know if it was 100% legal for him to ticket me or not. Should I hire a ticket lawyer? Any recommendations?

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Or, just take defensive driving, which will cost the same as a lawyer with less hassle. The first court date is an arraignment for pleading guilty/not guilty. You can do that by mail, and get a trial date set. I don't think you will get it dismissed at the arraignment hearing (but I could be wrong)

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In July 2013, a guy in a truck slammed into my parked car and knocked it into a another car in a parking lot, totaling all 3 vehicles in the process. HPD came out and ticketed him for failure to maintain speed.

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