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Minimax Dr.


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So on my most recent trip to Houston, I decided to drive to Penzey's Spices before heading onto Trader Joe's and then Pearland to visit some family, and of course part of the fun is driving through parts of town you haven't seen before and generally paying attention. So I did notice somewhere a sign for Minimax Drive, which is located near the intersection of 610 and 290. I know that Minimax was a chain of grocery stores in the Houston era a long time ago, but what significance did Minimax have in that industrial park? Was there a distribution center there or something a long time ago?

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Is that what the big vacant spot is?


AS far as I know. I don't know all the details, but Minimax was acquired at some point by Flemings, a distributor and grocery store operator. Fleming apparently closed the warehouse after Randalls converted to self-distribution, making the warehouse surplus. That's all inferred from a number of bits and pieces I've seen.


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Fleming's main facility for Minimax stores was there. When Minimax faded into history, most of the Fleming distribution was taken over by Grocers Supply. I worked at the Fleming facility for a short time...was not a pleasant place to work. There was no tears in my eyes when it was torn down.


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