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Former HEB At Westheimer Rd. And Fountain View Dr.

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Cool.  Living Spaces has been expanding in this part of the country (Texas/Oklahoma) and it appears to be a pretty good furniture store.

To clarify, it is not "Drew and Jonathan's" store, and Drew and Jonathan almost certainly did not lease or purchase the real property here.  The Property Brothers merely have a line of home furnishings sold by the stores.

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"The stars of HGTV Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott have partnered with Living Spaces to launch an exclusive furniture collection. Inspired by family and the Southern California landscape, this collection combines elegance with a casual feel into one-of-a-kind pieces."



Who owns the company Living Spaces?
Founder Grover Geiselman
Sound a little braggadocious? Well, Living Spaces CEO and founder Grover Geiselman learned the furniture business from Houston's Mattress Mack. Actually, Geiselman is soft-spoken and doesn't appear in the retailer's commercials like Houston's Gallery Furniture founder and owner Jim "Mattress Mack" McIngvale does.
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