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Any comments on decoupling the hotel from the proposed residential tower and doing away with the curvature?  Remember, the current position of the residences was previously identified as future office development space.  I imagine that such redesign decisions are cost-driven (and perhaps post-pandemic driven).  The hotel room count spiked upward, so the hotel itself is pretty tall even without adding residential units on top (reminds me of the Fairmont in Austin, which I love BTW).  I’d guess that the hotel & conference center will break ground within the next year.  Timing is everything to match up with expected future demand.  The Blossom Hotel open date as shown on Google is regularly delayed a week or two at a time (this’ll be a nice venue, and I’m excited to see it thrive in the TMC).  In addition to the Intercontinental and Westin, the Blossom and Hyatt will provide near-term accommodations proximate to TMC3.

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14 hours ago, texan said:


This document, provided by TMC, says phase 1 is backed by $1.8 billion in financing which would lead me to believe the hotel is fully financed. 

Just incredible. I'll admit I was skeptical of this thing at first, but the crow tastes good.


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13 minutes ago, Lux said:

Houston Business Journal confirms cistern location.  Wow, that’s a lot of water!  I thought the Myk-d documents spoke of a 3-4 million gallon detention system.


Cubit feet eh? How Egyptian of them.



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On 9/2/2021 at 9:14 AM, H-Town Man said:

Have there been many other examples of new projects having underground detention in Harris County?


It happens a lot more than you think. The County has been pretty forward about the fact that they want more and more larger projects to handle all site runoff and water detention. Sites should do that anyway, but its started getting pretty ridiculous. Sometimes they can take up a massive portion of a site just to offset the footprint the building takes up. Its one reason many have resorted to underground detention, and simply build on top of it. What this has done is that its help the county and city catch up with their own infrastructure, but my hope is that the city and county can at some point create a more wholistic solution, so this cost isn't constantly thrown onto developers just like they do with parking requirements. Its one of those things where people are like...Houston doesn't have zone. Its true, but a few particular ordinances and regulations in effect substitute zone by putting developers in a box. Rainwater detention/retention is one of those, and parking is another.

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  • The title was changed to TMC Parcel I Garage
2 hours ago, texan said:

The bill passed early this morning and is on its way to Gov. Abbott's desk for approval! The amounts for the TMC3 projects are listed below.

Texas A&M: $69,897,111

MD Anderson: $69,897,111

UT Health Houston: $69,897,111

I believe these projects were already fully funded before so this will mean either larger buildings or (more likely) new projects elsewhere.


Thank you for bringing this to light for us. 


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