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Early 60s Houston Juvenile Deliquency film clips


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I'm guessing that's probably Fifth Ward. Looks like the home is in a place where the surrounding structures and trees are being torn down. I'm guessing that this is from 1962-63 since I-45 was completed over Memorial, One City Centre is shown standing, the Tenneco building is almost complete, and the state would've been clearing out the Fifth Ward at that time to make way for the East Freeway.

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I recognized two of the actors. Veteran Houston actor Jay Froman played Billy Joe's step-dad. I think that Jay and his wife Sylvia Froman have both passed on, but they were main-stays in Houston's theater community for several decades. They both had day jobs, but dedicated ALL their spare time to staging and performing in a lot of stage plays and musicals at Theater Inc., Theater Under the Stars, and Marietta Marich's Houston Music Theater.


The actress who played Billy Joe's mom was Chris Wilson, one of Houston's most respected actresses and acting teachers. She was with the Alley Theatre since its beginnings, has performed in dozens of plays and a few movies, and founded her own Actors Theater of Houston, which has turned out a lot of actors who went on to careers on the stage and in movies. I don't know if she's still living, but her veteran actor son Brandon Smith now runs her academy. Here's a link to more about Chris Wilson.




I was impressed with the professional production values of The World of Billy Joe. It brought back memories of when KUHT Channel 8 turned out solid and professional looking films for Houston TV. That hasn't been true for a long time, and probably won't ever be true again, sad to say.



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I miswrote myself when I said in my earlier post that veteran actors Jay Froman and his wife Sylvia Froman have passed on. 


Jay died in 1972, but Sylvia is still with us and still performing. This past March, Bayou City Concert Musicals honored her with the Kim Hupp Award for her countless contributions to Houston musical theater. She even sang at the awards dinner where she received the honor. 

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