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Thom DIckerson has passed


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For those that don't remember Thom, he was an integral part of Ch. 13's newsroom throughout the 70s, 80s, and some of the 90s. Condolences to his family. He is also the reporter that went off on the Katy Freeway construction of the Beltway 8 interchange, reporting on the construction and saying "just what in the ---- are we doing here anyway??" if that helps make the association for the younger HAIFers.

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Thom and I worked together at KPRC Radio in the early 70s and I can tell you he was a fun guy to have around. We both moved around the radio and TV market in the years that followed, but he was always quick with a hug and a handshake when our paths would cross out on a story somewhere. 


It's too bad that a lot of people will only remember him for that infamous out-take he did from the I-10/Beltway 8 construction site. He was a fine TV journalist who could cover any story that came up. After leaving KTRK, he worked for years in the video production department at HISD, shooting video of HISD events and projects for internal use. He did a damn good job there too. So sad. What a loss. 

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Filio, I will always remember him for Remy (who I kept holding up to my own dogs as an example, fat lot of good that did)... not even the overpass.  


It's sad to see him leave us so young.  I never met him personally, but he always seemed like a guy I would enjoy knowing.  


God love him and his family.


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