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1001 McKinney renovations

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Cameron Management on Thursday afternoon showed off the progress of the first phase of a major renovation program at the historic 1001 McKinney building.


Building tenants, commercial real estate brokers and other guests gathered in the two-story lobby of the 24-story building, which was built in 1947 to house the City National Bank.

The building is getting $3 million of renovation work in the first phase, which consists of a new art deco inspired awning for the main entrance, a new conference facility, and lobby enhancements. Ken R. Harry Associates is the project architect.

“We conducted interviews and focus groups with key office brokers, and with existing and prospective tenants to ensure that the final product of this effort would respond to market preferences and trends,” Dougal Cameron, CEO of Cameron Management, said in an announcement.

A new entry into Morton’s Steakhouse, which co-hosted the reception, has been well received by tenants. Previously, the building was accessible only from the street.

Cameron Management handles leasing of the building, while Hines is managing the property and working with the owners on the renovations.

Deals are in the works for more than 200,000 square feet of space at Cameron Management’s 1001 McKinney Building and the nearby Esperson Building, Michael Ross, leasing representative for Cameron Management, said at the reception.

1001 McKinney, located at Main Street along the Metro rail line, is currently 85 percent leased.


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Interesting.  This is less than 15 years after the last re-do, which involved completely closing the building and going through it top to bottom.  This is a much more targeted renovation, taking care of a few oddities.  I've always wondered why Morton's didn't have an entry from the lobby in the first place, and yes, the tunnel area seemed to be almost an afterthought with how it's arranged.  I had my office there right after the last renovation, which really wasn't quite finished.  They repointed and regrouted a lot of the brickwork, the sound of which was like sitting in a dentist's office all day long.  Don't get me started on that garage, with its single helix and the resulting narrow, two way lanes.

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To better compete in Houston’s active downtown office marketCameron Management is renovating two of its historic properties.

Renovations are underway for 1001 McKinney and the Esperson Building, which the Houston-based company owns and leases. It also manages Esperson. Hines manages McKinney.

Renovations at McKinney, a 24-floor office tower built in 1947, include a new awning along the main entrance, a new conference facility and enhancements to the lobby. The $3 million renovation is slated for completion in nine months. It is 83-percent leased by tenants such as Clean Line Energy Partners and Thorp Petroleum Corp. Ken R. Harry Associates is the architect, and D.E. Harvey is the general contractor. Both are based in Houston.

“These buildings give tenants the opportunity to still be downtown, but with lower prices,” Dougal Cameron, president of Houston-based Cameron Management, said. “But it’s important that we keep them up to date.”

He said space in these older buildings rents for about $35 per square foot, compared to many of the new trophy buildings, which can rent for $50 per square foot and more.

Cameron’s Esperson building on Travis Street will see $20 million worth of renovations, a five-year project that started in 2012. It was built in 1927. The project includes new sprinkler systems, updates to the lobby, new escalators and new meeting space for tenants. Houston-based Page is the architect for the project. Cameron is overseeing the construction. The building is currently 65 percent leased to tenants such as the Houston Symphony.

Another iconic downtown building, Pennzoil Place, is going through an extensive $16 million renovation.


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