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Michael E. DeBakey High School For Health Professions Renovations

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Old Braeswood POA sent out a notice for a meeting regarding construction of the new DeBakey High School in the medical center.  Per the notice it will be built "on the site of the Hornberger Conference Center."  I guess this means the last piece of the Shamrock is coming down?


Construction is to begin later this year


I looked around for some renderings and could only find something on the HISD blog:



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Well now I'm confused.  This link does show 2160 Pressler but per google that is around Shriner's and the HCC building area.  The HCC building is 1900 Pressler so not sure I trust google maps for Pressler addresses




The link says they are working with the Texas Medical Center to find a new home.  The actual video I linked looks to be filmed inside of Hornberger and they say something about being on the site of the new campus


Also, Trevisio's website states the conference center closed on May 1, 2014:




I also would hope the Old Braeswood POA would have been given the proper location of the new school



EDIT:  OK, in looking over some of the Project Advisory Team (PAT) minutes it sounds as if the parking garage will stay, just the conference center itself will likely go.  Plus if you watch the video it's clear that the garage on W Holcombe will remain as it's in the background of some of the renderings.  Looks like quite a bit of the "Shamrock parking lot" will actually remain



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I didn't attend the meeting but Old Braeswood POA sent out a summary that confirms the location as the Hornberger Conference Center.  From the email:


Original plan was to add floors to the parking garage, but it was not feasible


Site will be 2.5 acres bounded by Holcombe, Pressler, Main St, and Montclair


The school will consist of 2 5-story structures connected by a 4 story atrium and have room for 900 to 1000 students.  Construction will start in November


The TMC parking garage on Holcombe will be renovated after school is built



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  • Highrise Tower changed the title to Michael E. DeBakey High School For Health Professions Renovations
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Saw the crane boom from a distance and went to see what they were doing. Turns out they are removing and replacing some duct work on the chiller. Talked with the ground man who is actually an operator too. His crane is in Baytown at the old Bayer plant ready to be used elsewhere but just not today. He also mentioned one of their cranes is taking down a tower crane at Studemont and Washington Ave. There are no tower cranes near that intersection so I'm not sure what tower crane he was talking about.


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