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This type of project is one I've been expecting for some time.


The city had recently finished upgrades to a section of Spacek Road about a year or two back, right where the outlet mall is planned. It feeds into an already, at times, quite congested intersection with Reading Road and the feeder w/ the Southwest Freeway. While flow of traffic up and down that stretch of Spacek is almost non-existenent for the most part, something like this will definitely put it to the test.


It's also been said that for a while they've been looking at expanding Reading at that intersection and over the Southwest Freeway & installing a traffic light close to the newest phase of Brazos Town Center. Something like this may speed that process along. Or not.


The timeline for construction comes at an interesting period - one where the freeway itself will be undergoing expansion and in some cases reconfiguration. Wonder how that will play into planning.


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Basically a rehash of the above in this Chronicle piece, along with a list of "projected" tenants.




Small image of the mall's layout planned as well.





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Johnny Rockets has selected its first Houston location and has revealed more details about its plans for expansion in the city.


The California-based diner-style chain has identified the upcoming Paragon Outlets as the site for its first Houston restaurant, Gene Savage, director of franchise sales and real estate for Johnny Rockets, told the Houston Business Journal.


The restaurant is still looking for a franchisee for the location, but has agreed on the site with the mall operator. Savage did not disclose an opening date for the restaurant.


The outlet mall, which is slated to open in 2017, will be near the intersection of Interstate 69 and Reading Road about 10 miles southwest of Sugar Land. It is slated to include more than 400,000 square feet of retail space.


Separately, Savage said Johnny Rockets is looking to complete an area development agreement with a franchisee that would likely include opening five locations in the Houston metro area. Johnny Rockets attended the Franchise Expo South, which is being held in Houston Feb. 11-13 at NRG Stadium, and is currently seeking potential candidates.


Johnny Rockets first announced that it was targeting Houston and other Texas cities in 2014. The restaurant chain debuted a Sugar Land location in 2006, but that location and two others near Katy have since closed



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While the outlet mall never happened, this whole area is up for grabs - there is signage on the roadway facing the Southwest Freeway feeder showing how it could be subdivided. So far, Gillman has taken the parcel closest to the intersection at Reading Road and appears to be far along on construction for it's new dealership. Here's a photo from a couple of days ago.



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